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Scott Tulay


By referencing architecture and nature, the drawings made of ink, charcoal, watercolor, continues the artist’s investigation with space, light and constructed line in this exhibition. Principally using the palette of black, white and gray, he paints chiaroscuro filled compositions that offer imaginative ambiguity. Light is engaged in defining space, which also possesses a transmission quality – movement of light in space. Each drawing presents itself as renderings of imagined graphic geometries applied with a painterly sensibility.

Employing perspective skillfully, Tulay engages us by layering dimensional space. At times cinematic, and others completely still, his artwork provides a wide range of feelings.
Sometimes color is imbedded in a drawing providing additional dynamics to the work of art. His adroitness of technique delivers vibrant and energetic compositions. Tulay offers us in this exhibition new discoveries of spatial perception.

With a degree in Art History from Tufts University and a graduate degree from M.I.T. in Architecture, Tulay has professionally focused on practicing architecture. In his fine art drawings he continues investigating the boundaries of spatial relationships. Scott Tulay’s artwork has been written about in national fine art journals and is in museum, institutional and private collections. 


Available Images from Previous Exhibitions