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Vico Fabbris


Vico Fabbris is especially attuned to the loss of nature and it’s delicate species – flowers. He attempts to replace the lost habitat with botanical “flights of fantasy”. In so doing, he delights the eye by creating the “almost real” as well as the satirical and absurd. Whether engaged by an imagined context, by a supporting story, or alone in mid-air suspension, his artwork is exuberant and a celebration of the inventive mind. 

Inferences of historical antecedents are implied in the watercolors and work-on-paper reminding us that discoveries of exotic flora and fauna were delighting nobility and informing scientific inquiry during the centuries of continental exploration. As if drawing his sources from the medieval through the baroque to the present, Vico Fabbris creates his botanical world with attention to detail and the flourish of the brush. His work exemplifies the loss of our natural habitat by engaging us with the pleasure of his fancy.

The recipient of two Massachusetts Cultural Council Awards in Painting, Fabbris’ work has recently been exhibited in Second Nature at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. In the permanent collection of the DeCordova Museum, as well as the Museo Pedrotti-Cantoni, his artwork has been recognized in institutional, corporate and private collections. Written about nationally and locally, Mr. Fabbris continues as an Senior Lecturer in drawing and painting at the New England School of Art and Design, Suffolk University. 

Available Artwork from Previous Exhibitions